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Waiheke Lodge and Covid19 countermeasures - updated 23rd March 2020

Update - 23rd March 2020 - With New Zealand on Pandemic level Level 4 from Wednesday 25th March, we are closed for the duration of these restrictions.

For the next 4 weeks or for as long as Level 4 restrictions are in place, we are doing maintenance - painting and upgrades, so when people begin travelling again, we have our accommodation in the best shape. If you have any enquiries for the future or any special requests for longer stay options if you are unable to leave New Zealand, just let us know - it is still paradise here, just a lot quieter than normal.

Below is what we had put in place previously under the level 2 Covid19 guidelines for hospitality - these changes are now permanent :

The Waiheke Lodge has implemented protocols to prevent the spread of Covid19 as advised by the American CDC the WHO (World Health Organisation, not the rock group) and the New Zealand government. We are following official guidelines for Covid19 cleaning and disinfection as being used by international hotels.

Location - The Lodge is situated on a long private driveway, with the nearest public bus is 3kms away. The Explorer tour bus stops 800 metres away at the Batch Winery. If you decide to come by Sealink car ferry you need not even leave your car to get to the Lodge.

Cleaning General - We are cleaning according to published NZ Government sanitisation guidelines related to Covid19 and we have stopped using outside cleaning contractors to avoid the possibility of cross contamination.

Linen - All linen is removed from the Lodge after guests leave and sent to Alsco where this is pressure-boil washed at over 100 degrees celsius to ensure hygiene and returned clean sealed in cling wrap, whilst the bunk bases which Alsco do not supply are washed on site with high heat and disinfectant and hot tumble dried. This is not a new process, but specialist advice is that this exceeds the official guidelines for sanitation during this special period.

Sanitation - After a group leaves, the building is sanitised as follows. Wearing protective gear, we carry out normal cleaning to remove any visible dirt with regular cleaning products as we always did, but now dressed-up like one of those pandemic films. Then all surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens plus all frequent touch areas such as door knobs, handles, pull chords, light switches, tables, chair arms, remotes and hand-rails are sanitised and disinfected with steam and >90% isopropyl alcohol in accordance official guidelines plus any updated advice from the NZ ministry of health. Yes this is a lot of work. By the way, the property is protected with electrical RCDs so we do not electrocute ourselves in the process.

The Lodge has no need to follow hotel “public area” protocol, since the Lodge is entirely private, there are no public areas.

Equipment and linen upgrades made in light of Covid19:

Sanitizers - Hands-free battery operated sanitizer dispensers are installed in all bathrooms and both kitchens – these use the recommended formulation of isopropyl alcohol in conjunction with Aloe Vera to avoid sanitised skin becoming dried out with a net concentration of >70% isopropyl alcohol to kill the germs. This is in addition to the normal soap dispensers, so you can choose either or both. All our taps are lift up and press down type and can be operated with an elbow or turned off easily with a paper towel.

Paper towels - We have now installed paper towel dispensers in all bathrooms with Tork paper towels which dissolve after a short while so can be washed down the toilet.

Towels per person – In the past, we supplied Alsco bath towels and face flannels per person and hand towels and shower mats in the bathrooms. Now we also supply hand towels and shower mats per person, with no linen hand towels or shower mats in the bathrooms so there is no need to share any towels. We are not charging any extra.

Feminine waste - We have installed battery operated no-touch automatic Pod Petite Sanitary Disposal Bins in the shared bathrooms.

Regular waste - All dustbins are now foot-pedal operated.

Toilet Rolls – we have always had enough toilet rolls, so no need to bring any from your bunker at home.

Paper Kitchen Rolls - are supplied.

Cloth Kitchen Dish Towels - we are still providing these - to sanitize, just rinse under the tap, pop them in the microwave until you see steam - then leave until cool.

We are not taking any chances with our guests health and our own health and if we set the best international standards, then we are doing the right thing. There is no extra cost to guests for any of the upgrades.

Welcome to the Waiheke Lodge - stay safe and well

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